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Welcome to 20's Plenty for Hertfordshire


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20's Plenty for Us campaign groups from across Hertfordshire have joined forces to form 20's Plenty for Hertfordshire. We are campaigning for default 20mph speed limits on all urban, village and residential roads across Hertfordshire (with exceptions where required), without the need for physical calming measures.

Respond to the Herts County Council Active Travel Survey

Have you responded to the Herts County Council Active Travel Survey yet?

"The aim of Hertfordshire’s draft Active Travel Strategy 2023-2031 is to create places where walking, wheeling and cycling are safer and so convenient that they become the natural choice for short trips."

Complete the survey here

Deadline: 21 August 2023

Remember to emphasise the need for a Wide Area 20mph policy. Without one, the modal shift to Active Travel isn't going to happen in Hertfordshire.

Blog Post

In 2020, Herts County Council announced a budget of £7m for future spending on 20mph schemes as part of their Speed Management Strategy. Aftern nearly two years there is little evidence of any real progress being made to improve road safety in many communities. It is also unclear how much the County Council had already spent on 20mph implementation before the £7m budget was announced. A member of 20's Plenty for Herts has being trying to find out.

New research on emissions strengthens case for a 20mph default urban speed limit

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Read the lastest 20's Plenty for Us Briefing about new research from engineering consultants, Skyrad, that shows the impact of capping speeds at 20mph vs. 30mph. It shows significant and substantial reductions in emissions: CO2 lower by 26% and NOx 28% lower.


Read the full briefing here

There is growing support for 20mph speed limits across Hertfordshire, as our recent 647 signature petition calling for default 20mph speed limits (presented to Herts County Council) has shown. Successive National Attitude Surveys* show that there is support from over 71% of the UK population for 20mph speed limits and their popularity increases even further after implementation. Did you know that there are now 21 million people in the UK who have 20mph limits where they live?


*Dept of Transport National Travel Attitudes Study 2019  

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